Save the oceans!

I’ve been very moved by the anti-plastic movement. Do you know that there is probably up to 230,000 metric tons of plastic in the ocean? Horrifying.  Americans use around 500 millions straws DAILY. You use one straw and throw it away. Terrible. Those straws may end up in the oceans. My family and I were in Key West for Spring Break and saw several signs in restaurants discouraging customers from using plastic drinking straws.  

I've created a reusable drinking straw made of fine silver, which is 99.9% pure silver. Since it does not have the added alloys as sterling silver, it will not tarnish as quickly. It will be slightly softer for that reason, so no biting your straws! Hand wash in warm, soapy water using the tiny brush that is included with each straw.  

I will donate $20 from each order to "5 Gyres". They are a fabulous charity out of Los Angeles whose mission is to "stop the flow of plastic from source to sea by 2028." Hooray for 5 Gyres! www.5Gyres.org

I think these are fabulous gifts. What do you think?