Back from Italy and Spain

What a fabulous trip. My family and I toured Southern Spain, taking in Alhambra Palace, Barcelona markets, The Miro art museum, and all fabulous things Spanish. We then moved on to Rome and the Amalfi Coast. Capri was a dream, with its bougainvillea dripping from every building, lemon trees, olive trees, and gorgeous water. We also stayed in Praiano where we had a terrace over-looking the Mediterranean Sea. I never wanted to leave. One of the most beautiful places in the world that I had ever seen. My inspiration? People take time for life in Italy and Spain. They enjoy their slow-cooked food. They take walks. They eat ice-cream on a regular basis. I constantly try to smell the roses. One of the main reasons I started my jewelry line is because I appreciate handmade, handcrafted jewelry. So many brands produce in China or India by an unknown factory. My pieces are made by me, in my Chicago studio. When I finish a piece, it won't look as if made by a machine. My jewelry is made by a human being! You will see where my hands touched the gold or silver. Where my hammer did it's work. I love what I do. I hope you do too.