Ruby Bracelets

The Ruby bracelets that are featured on my website, I created for a dear friend. She is not only stunningly beautiful and smart, she is the CEO of her family's company. I met her 7 years ago in postpartum yoga. We had an instant connection. 

Several years ago we were on vacation together with our daughters and she bought several interesting stones, 3 rubies and a sapphire.  They've sat in her jewelry box until this summer, when she asked me to create something unusual for her, giving me full artistic freedom.  

Yesterday she received her three ruby bracelets.  She loves them!

I thoroughly enjoyed making them. The two smaller stones looked stunning side by side on a simple, elegant cuff. When flipped upside down, the larger stone reflected the light in an unexpected way. I created a third simple cuff to compliment the other two when worn together.  Very versatile, they can be worn together or individually. 

I hope she gets as much pleasure wearing them, as I did creating them. 

Next up, her sapphire! Stay tuned!